A Recommended Order of Playing To Start in The Southlands
(Average Total XP- 510,000):

Game Number


Suggested Level

Campaign Level

Game 00,


(Level 1)


Game 35,

REF5, "Skeletons"

(Level 1)


Game 27,

U1, Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh

(Levels 1-3)


Game 26,

T1-4, The Temple of Elemental Evil

(Levels 1-9)


Game 29,

X1, The Isle of Dread

(Levels 3-7)


Game 24,

S2, White Plume Mountain

(Levels 5-7)


Game 20,

I2, Tomb of the Lizard King

(Levels 5-7)


Game 22,

I7, Baltron's Beacon

(Levels 5-7)


Game 33,

X8, Drums on Fire Mountain

(Levels 5-8)


Game 32,

X7, The War Rafts of Kron

(Levels 9-12)



A suggested order for playing the games of The Realm.

Each row offers the game number, its title, the suggested level of the adventure, and the level your characters should average at that point if you play the campaign in this order.





In introduction, you make your characters and save them as the base *.cch files you will use throughout your time in The Realm. Introduction also provides a background and explains the history of the conglomerate world of The Realm. In The Realm you will find pieces of the Forgotten Realms, the world of Greyhawk, the D&D world of Mystara, and, if you're not careful, even a piece of Ravenloft.

Now updated to include nine mini-adventures!




I2 Tomb of the Lizard King

Eor needs heroes to investigate disturbances south of the capital. People are leaving the land for safer pastures, and there are rumors of dark evils awakening in the great southern swamps. Designed for characters of levels 5-7.



I7 Baltron's Beacon

A sage in a small village along the main road needs heroes to delve into oddly glowing ruins in the heart of the nearby swamp. He has found a way to defeat a sinister cult, but the final ingredient for the potion he is brewing must be roasted in the infernal black fires that lie within Baltron's Beacon. Designed for characters of levels 4-6.



S2 White Plume Mountain

A daring rogue has stolen three carefully guarded artifacts from the city. The thief claims to be the wizard Keraptis, believed dead for over a thousand years. Do you dare defy the will of Keraptis and search for the stolen items within the smoking heart of White Plume Mountain? Designed for characters of levels 5-10.





T1-4 The Temple of Elemental Evil

For ten years there has been peace at the crossroads where Hommlet grew from a roadside hostel into a vibrant hamlet. Now, though, brigands are on the rise, and word has spread that the evils of the past may be resurfacing. Kings and lords look south in mounting concern, but your band of valiant adventurers could make the difference between peace and a new reign of terror. Designed for characters of levels 1-9.




U1 The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh

Rumors insist that worthy work for adventurers lies within the borders of the town of Saltmarsh, but the people of the town are a proud folk, and not so willing to bemoan their troubles to every passerby. Will you be able to learn the sinister secret of Saltmarsh? And will you be strong enough to rescue the town from the fear that haunts it? Designed for characters of levels 1-3.




X1 The Isle of Dread

The log of an adventuring sea captain some thirty years dead takes you on a voyage into the seas farther south than any map shows in search of fame and fortune on the Isle of Dread! Experience explorative adventure in jungles, swamps, high-ranging mountains and deep-delving caverns. Designed for characters of levels 3-7.




X7 The War Rafts of Kron

If you brave the depths of the ocean to save a kidnapped Ierendi princess and make the waterways safe for sea trade again, the Minrothad Guilds will give you an island in payment. The most challenging design in the Southlands campaign, this is not for the frivolous adventurer; the stakes are high, and the rewards are grand, indeed. Designed for characters of levels 9-12.





X8 Drums on Fire Mountain

An elfin ship captain needs you to accompany him to the Mountain of Death, where green-skinned pirates celebrate a dark ritual that leaves their new war chief vulnerable. More wealth lies for the taking than in all the Southlands combined, but there are only five days to begin and complete the mission. Designed for characters of levels 5-8.




REF5 Lords of Darkness



Grave robbers have torn up the cemeteries of every local village around the town of Daufin. Your interest peaked by the bizarre and inhumane crimes, as well as word of a reward posted by the village curate, your band of neophyte adventurers has come to investigate the matter. But what truly lurks in the night around Daufin? Designed for characters of first level.


All of the preceding modules and game worlds are trademarked property of TSR Inc, which is now the property of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. I take no credit for the stories or ideas presented here, I merely converted them to a playable format for SSI's Unlimited Adventures game.