The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth

The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun

We aren't having a good trip.


A few days ago, upon our return from the strange edifice the gnomes had pointed us to - the abandoned Temple of Tharizdun (let us not speak that name loudly!), Yahlos the Valiant, our companion of many quests. succumbed to a poison trap left by the evil clerics. His body lies in state in the Gnome Vale. Their priest tells me that his prayers can preserve Yahlos's body until we come to return to Ulek, where hopefully the gems we have found we can pay for his resurrection.

A day later, we discovered that a human priest had somehow found his way into the vale - Jarre the Healer, he calls himself. Being Lawful and True (he gets along very well with my sister Gillian the White), we invited to join us in our expedition into the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. Unfortunately his skills are nowhere as well honed as those of Yahlos, but we will accept any blessing the gods choose to give us.

Tragedy struck us again in the Caverns - both Brunak the Mighty, my boon companion, no matter how unaccustomed to magic he was, and Tyrian the Bard have been petrified by a strange monster the likes of which I had never heard of before. Some strange hybrid of Iggwilv's no doubt.

I had thought our expedition in vain, but my sister insisted that we remain - she does not think we are too far away from our goal! Two gnomes from the vale chose to join our party: Morris the Swift (a rogue of charming demeanor), and Theodones Gornabl, a doughty fighter (though he prefers to be just called Theo).

Indeed, they have helped us greatly. My sister's faith often amazes me, but it shines through and breaks my despair. On an expedition into the southern mountain paths - we had heard rumours of an orcish army - we found a scroll with the prized (especially to us!) spell of Stone to Flesh. So Brunak is with us once more. I only wish my magical arts were strong enough to restore Tyrian as well!

Theo has bidden us farewell for the time being - and thanks for those frogs in our blankets, Theo, we much appreciated your... uh... humour - but Morris has insisted on remaining - and may well journey with us when we return to civilization. We now feel as if our ultimate goal - the cache of Iggwilv's magicks - is within our grasp!

-- From the Journal of Meliander the Mage.


Post Script…

Finished the Caverns, but have wandered into this strange place dominated by Castle Ravenloft. Morris & Jarre are still with the party. I don't know if this letter will reach anyone, but I just wanted to warn people that 


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