Cellie's Journal

Cellie was a rogue from Urnst who traveled to the Eastlands with a number of companions. After a few short months away from the cities of the Heartlands, though, she began wondering whether she had made a mistake. Cellie hasn't been heard from lately, but only the foolish would count her out so soon...

Chapter 1, The Veiled Society

Chapter 2, Keep on the Borderlands

Chapter 3, Lost Tower of Castanamir


Paddi's Journal

Paddi remains an irrepressible force in The Realm, wandering where whim and her companions take her, always managing to walk out with a pouch of gemstones and a smile. With her party of staunch friends, she has made a stir in the Westlands akin to Cellie's wildest dreams…

Chapter 1, Journey to the Rock

Chapter 2, The Veiled Society

Chapter 3, Assault on Raven's Ruin

Chapter 4, Harvest of Chaos

Chapter 5, Harvest of Chaos

Chapter 6, Harvest of Chaos



Cutting a larger shadow than Paddi Whisperleaf across The Southlands of the Realm is a hero with nobility in his blood. His exploits are dutifully chronicled as well as Paddi's, Cellie's and Meliander's. Please, peruse these venerable pages with caution and glean wisdom from them.

Entry 1,The Village of Daufin



Meliander's Journal

Meliander the Mage has made quite a name traveling about The Realm in search of magic and secrets arcane. With the loss of a number of adventuring companions, Meliander was forced to look to the gnomes of the Southlands for aid in continuing the search for the magic of Iggwilv and her fallen kingdom. Rumor has it that Meliander survived the expedition to Tsojcanth, but all that exists to tell the tale is this journal entry and its cryptic post script.

Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth






(Note that all letters sent directly to my email account have been left anonymous. Those posted in a public forum are signed as they were originally presented. Thank you to everyone who has sent feedback on The Realm Project!!!)

Please don't stop the updates!
They are appreciated. Your work is awesome.



I hope you complete the final diamond series one day Mr Dyer as it’s been thrilling to relive all those old gold box moments....thanks again.



Shoot - I can make room on my top ten for another Benderfer module - I'll just group all of Ray's mods and make them number ten (right below Heirs of Skull Crag) and say something like "An ambitious project, to be sure, and executed with with skill.  But the Realms series lacks an overall story line, and thus lost my interest after Module #52.  Mr. Dyer should spend more time reading master storytellers such as Tolstoy and integrate those lessons into his own substantial work.   We expect better.




If you do begin playing through Ray's designs, you'll soon think 39 is not nearly enough!




Wow, Ray! You are, if not the Lord Almighty, at least a demipower. 
The conversion was superb, and the original creation...magic.




Thank you for all of your hard work and (many) generous contributions to the UA community. The Realm campaign is definitely one of UA's greatest treasures –a true masterpiece.


P.S.   BTW -- just curious if there are any new developments re. "Legendary Descent"?


But after a long hiatus from UA, what I AM doing instead of working on my design, is playing gamer6.dsn of Ray's Realm campaign.


You know you play too much UA when...

You have a complete installation of UA at work, including the latest version of UAShell, all the editors, Ray's Realm designs, and the working version of your nameless module for levels 1-15.


Only the best conversions of AD&D modules around are on The Realm by Ray. If you liked the old paper AD&D's you will love all his games... there is Game00 - Game 38 + Game R1-R3 when he finishes, He is still working on the last 10 but start downloading them now and you won't regreat it.


I have never tried to alter wall sets until recently. Playing the Realm series made me see what a powerful impact changing the walls could be.


I must congratulate you for your Herculean efforts, Ray. I, among many others, have truly enjoyed your work.


You know, I really enjoy playing the realms modules for UA. It truly is the closest thing I've found to the Gold Box games since the games themselves. And since I don't get to play the pen-and-paper version of D&D anymore it is the closest thing i've come to that as well.

I know the artwork is not the best sometimes, but flash isn't always that important in playing a game. Gameplay is consistently good throughout the realms and that is what counts. I have d/l everything you have so far and hope you continue to produce these gems and jewels of the FRUA community.

The group I played with when I was a kid tried to play the "Lost City" module but never finished it. When I saw it on the realms page, I knew I had to play it through. Thank you for rekindling old memories and re-sparking an interest in all matters D&D.

Keep up the good work and good quality.


Just a brief email to let u know I am enjoying the Realm. It was a pleasant surprise to log on to GIGA the other day and find that you had released several new mods during the last year. I downloaded all of them, and am starting a new campaign in the Southlands. The new introduction mod with the quests is nicely done, although I haven't done any of the quests yet since I wanted to jump right in with 'Skeletons'.


Okay. Who are you and what have you done with Ray? It was... bright and... festive. Not at all what we expect from the lich lord we've all come to know and love. Tell the truth, Mr. Flopsy Ears redesigned the page without you, right?

Seriously, though. That's very cool. I loved the snow globes! And the top ten list was hysterical. :)


Love the Adventures...keep 'em coming


Hello, first I'd like to say, your games are the best!!I played the Westlands about a year ago and was completely enchanted. I can only remember a couple other games Ive enjoyed as much... anyway recently I got all nostalgic about it so I came over to your page and decided to start all over with the Southlands! :)


First of all I would like to say that your "Realm" adventures, in my opinion, are the best existing module series for FRUA. Your mod designs have literally provided hours of dungeon crawl excitement. Your use of hacks, artwork, etc. is always superb. Your implementations of mods such as "Tales of Enchantment", "Prophecies of Brie", and (the most recent mod I played) Baltron's Beacon would all, in my mind, get 10s for their originality, quality, and design innovation. The hard and wonderful mod design work of developers like you is definitely one thing that helps FRUA live on, after 7+ years!


I really wish I lived in the states and could meet up with some of you guys and play p&p games. Meanwhile, I play FRUA not to let the habit down. Special thanks to the creators of the realm. It really makes me travel in time (to my teenage).


I will still keep reading your messages and once in a while give my opion. looking forward to reading the updates for The Realm which seems to be my only FRUA intrest left at the moment


Keep up the great work on transcribing those modules... for people like me who have no group to play a pen&paper d&d it is the closest I can get to it.


Keep up the great work, I love it.


Hiya :) I've been enjoying the wonderful Realm Campaign you've put together. Thanks for taking the time to put those modules together. Takes my back to my pen and paper days :)

There's one problem though. I'm currently playing the last module from the Realm :( I was just wondering if there will be anymore coming in the future? Will you be doing the North/South/Final Diamond campaigns, or is it time to move my party on to another mod?

Well, thanks again for breathing new life into those old p&p mods. Great job..


You know, Ray, you continue to astound me. Where in the world do you find the energy to keep pumping these things out? And how in the world do you continually make them such top quality in such a short amount of time?

Clue me in on your secret, and then share some of that energy with the rest of us..


Just a note to say WOW! I've played all the so called top designs for UA, and to be honest none of them come near the feel I get in any of the designs you have put together. Everything is wonderfully done, and I really do get the feel of a campaign, something other designs truly lack. Keep up the good work!


Ray, the Realm really looks great. I haven't even begun to look at the designs themselves, but your web-site with all the information really shows promise. I just d/l what you have so far.

By the way, I agree entirely with your assessment of the Find Traps spell. I don't know how you set yours up, but I find placing first an event checking whether find traps is active. If it is, the event will describe the trap and how it was avoided - if possible. Set to if the first event doesn't happen, I put an event checking if the party is searching. usually it will also describe the trap, but likely less detailed than the first event. It also will present whether text about the avoidance, if possible. Finally, set to happen if the search event doesn't occur, I put the trap and its resulting events. Three events for the trap. Its not a lot of work, and it makes the player happy when they chose correctly in casting the spell.

Your comments on searching in occupied locations are wise, and they have never really occurred to me. However, in my latest design, you either are the guards in the city, and need to search, or the city is text based and requires no searching. But I do agree that people do not like the characters sneaking around the dungeon.

Can't wait to play your mods! – Julian


Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I've finished playing all of the Realm games you've written so far, and to encourage you to keep on writing them! I own a lot of old D&D and AD&D modules, but I never got the chance to play a lot of them myself, either because I was the DM or just because my group never got around to them, so it's great to have the opportunity to see what they look like from the inside, so to speak. I was especially glad to see Tamoachan converted, since this was one of my 2 or 3 favorite modules (along with Tomb of Horrors and Dwellers of the Forbidden City, neither of which I saw listed on your site...nudge nudge!) Well, I don't have any detailed reviews written up at the moment, but I just wanted to let you know what a good job you've done so far!

Looking forward to the rest of the Realm…


Well... of the recent modules "Blood and Tears" (by James Rand) and "When a Child Cries" (by Catz) are probably the most notable. Also, we shouldn't forget old masterpieces like "Harvest of Sorrows" (by Dan Crawford) and "When Solitude Remains" (by Harri Polsa). And, of course, Ray Dyer's whole Realm project is quite remarkable.

-Tero L.


I just wanted to say good job with all the work you have done so far. It really is quite a project you have taken on and your doing great. Just wanted you to know.


If you're talking about The Realm and the games by Ray Dyer, YES, they do live up to the previews. (Except for Swamplight, which I found a little disappointing because it was too short.)

The different adventures all use the same (new) player character icons and hacked items, so you can start out your party in one adventure and then transfer your characters through all the others.

In addition, they all have different frames and music, not to mention new walls, backgrounds, combat art, etc. So you need UAShell to play them.

Nearly all of the modules are based on the classic D&D and AD&D modules. His adaptation of Keep on the Borderlands is probably the most faithful to the pen & paper version I have seen.

I have completed all the games in the Eastlands setting, and they are all worth the time and effort to play. Thanks, Ray, for all the work; your efforts are appreciated.


I've got a friend who is just starting to play FRUA, and he's looking for AD&D type adventures. Outside of my own, the Realm is the one of the few places I can send him adventuring where I know he'll have a good time.


I've been playing your 'Realm' games lately, and figured that you might want to hear some feedback. Generally speaking, they are quite good. Not exactly my kind of UA, but better than 85% of the designs out there. All those hacks add some nice flavor, and I must admit, that if these were done on vanilla UA, I wouldn't think so 'high' (on my rather demanding standards...) of them.


Thought I'd drop you a line and express my gratitude for the realm. Having been the DM for most of these modules, I really enjoy getting to experience them as a player. You're doing a great job, and have given me many hours of enjoyment (and my SO many hours alone in bed as I try to finish just a little bit more).


Hello there,

First of all I must say that i just love what you are doing with the realms. It is almost incredible to see all the good text section you have written for each of the games..

Now I would really like to hear from you each time that you release a new part to your fabulous epic...

Keep up the good work and see you next time...


I just wish you could move FASTER! Great job so far......by the way, if there are any old mods that you don't have(pen and paper mods that is) I'll see if I have them...I've got an impressive collection of old TSR merchandise including old RPGA newsletters with mods in them, Dragon mags, etc....



First off I'd like to say that I love your modules. I've played many in the past and must say they are the first games since Pools of Radiance that brings back that same ol feel as POR did back in 88 or so. Thanks for taking the time to create these masterpieces. I can't figure out why, but FRUA is the only game I have played since it originally came out and gone for months even years without playing it. Then one day I'd fire it back up and would play again for months. This process must have happened at least 5 or 6 times since the game first appeared for the PC. I love FRUA and just never get bored of it. I must admit my last two instances of re-discovering the game was solely due to you and your module conversions. Thanks a lot, they really capture that original Goldbox feel. I hope you continue to create such fine work :)


I've only recently begun playing the Realm games because I was originally discouraged by the difficulty of Keep on the Borderlands. I stuck with the game, however, and raised my first level party to around level four. Here is a collective review of the first three games I played, Keep on the Borderlands, the Lost Tower of Castanamir, and Horror on the Hill, all by Ray Dyer.

The artwork of the Realm games is generally of rather poor quality. The frames in Keep on the Borderlands and Horror on the Hill are ugly recolors of the default; Lost Tower of Castanimir has an excellent frame, however. Many of the pics in Keep and especially Horror on the Hill are very poor, eight-or-so-color atrocities. Some of the art, however is good; the pics of the gnolls are nice scans, and I love the pic of the humanoids in game00. I hate the "Intermission" pic seen when the party rests. The wall, backdrop, and combat art, though, is typically of good quality.

All of the Realm games feature excellent ckit and item hacks. From the death text to the "Leave the Realm?"-type strings, and especially the items, the hacks added to my enjoyment of the games. My favorite item was the adder staff I found; it's been so useful against things like ogres.


Just wanted to say that I think your modules in the Realm are wonderful...in fact they are the most entertaining UA modules I have ever played!


i just started playing "the vieled society" and it is awesome! i plan on secret of saltmarsh next.my wife had been playing various games on the internet, but now i have her hooked on your series.

even better than dwarven clerics are gnomish mages!


Im hooked.

Im not sure wether I should thankyou or give you a cursed long sword, for creating the UA modules of the realm. Ive finished the Eastlands and have almost completed the west lands. I can't seem to get enough. Some great work on conversions!

I haven't touched UA for about 2 years and needed some good mods to "inspire" me again.

I have a problem though (2 actually)... I haven't been able to download very effectively from your web pages and have resorted to down loading from a frua module listing with hundreds of mods. This could be the problem with the issue I have. I am attempting to play the ravenloft adventure (game21) but after the opening credits etc. when it goes into game mode I get a "please insert disk 1 in drive A" error message. Could you advise on a solution? I use CD rom for my UA so I don't know where to go to fix this. Is there a problem with the mod (if so do you have a patch) or is the problem with my system.

The other problem is that I am so addicted to the realm that girlfriend, work, food etc... have all taken a secondary role. Scary.. but true. (In Australia.. we call what you do, Drug Pushing and you can get up to 20 year gaol (jail-U.S.))


Thanks in advance.


I have been playing Ray's 'Realm' series and am enjoying myself immensely!

I like the "follow me" equipment so my PCS can jump betwixt mods w/out starting over with inferior items or having them altered to some strange thing. :)

I am also impressed with the handling of treasure... done with a combination of Character Inventory items, Quest-Items, gemstones and jewelry, and 'converting' the base coinage found to a lump GP value! Well done!





All of the preceding modules and game worlds are trademarked property of TSR Inc, which is now the property of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. I take no credit for the stories or ideas presented here, save for the six characters created as a vehicle through the adventures, I merely converted them to a playable format for SSI's Unlimited Adventures game.