Early Winter, Fires of Spring


You journey north to face the deadliest perils The Realm has to offer, but the roads are blocked by snow. This should not be the case; you are a skilled traveler, and you know all too well the penalties for misjudging nature. The roads should be clear for at least two months, generally three! You fight through the driving snowstorm to a village you don't recognize, and there, you find that the snow is only the beginning of the horrors about to be visited upon The Realm. And, you may well be the instrument of those horrors! 





I was playing your Game R3, Early Winter, Fires of Spring, and I think I found a bug. In the ice caves, Dungeon 06, you have a Transfer Module event that goes to Dungeon 06 instead of Dungeon 07 (or maybe it's in Dungeon 07 and it should transfer to Dungeon 06). You may be already aware of this; if not, I thought you'd like to know.

I enjoyed the design, but I'm gonna have to come back to it later -- my characters are 8th-10th level, and can't make it to the end when I play at the champion difficulty level. :)


gamer3.zip    Early Winter, Fires of Spring        au: Ray & Maureen

I love the title!!!  This was a very creepy story, somewhat tragic.  I'll admit I played it twice.  I didn't find a certain object (to remain nameless), so I saved the world and lost my party's souls.  I somehow made all my left-right choices RIGHT to the bad guy without following the alternate routes.  I played through a second time and explored a bit more thoroughly and saved the world AND my party's souls.  Great creative skill you have Ray!!!  Ray I think there is a bug in the coming back inside after visiting the tree and leaving the monastery.

Mycroft: 9


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