Night in Daelwyn's Rest



"Night in Daelwyn's Rest" is a design based largely on the "mystery horror" genre of first-person computer games. I have played and enjoyed many games in this vein, including Seventh Guest, Thirteenth Hour, Shivers, Shivers II, Phantasmagoria, Phantasmagoria II, Ripper and, though I am loathe to admit it, Inherent Evil. Each of these games, at some point, hits a stumbling block, often in the beginning before the player has a chance to learn the feel of this new game.

Some of the best fun of these games comes from scouring the Internet to find a walkthru, where someone else has worked his way through this tough part and taken the time to share with you the secret of his success. Following in this same vein, then, I present the walkthru for "Night in Daelwyn's Rest." This is the leanest path through the adventure, and several events have been left by the wayside as they are peripheral to the quest. Perhaps you won't need it, but, then again, perhaps you will…


Night in Daelwyn's Rest:

1.     Following the introduction, look around the Main Entry to get a feel for the game. Notice that you can only get the description of an item if you are looking at it. Most tables / desks can only be searched from the side opposite the side you see when you first enter the room.

2.     Explore the hall leading out of the Main Entry, find both locked doors. Return to the Main Entry.

3.     Enter the Study, through the door beside the stairs. Read the journals on the table and find the skeleton key in the velvet-cushioned chair.

4.     Use the skeleton key to open the outside door in the hall. Enter the Cemetery. Go to the Caretaker's Shed and search his desk. Find the iron ring of keys and read the next journal.

5.     Return to the house and go right, to the Closet. Unlock the door and step inside. Take the cloaks; with them gone you can search the back of the closet and find the secret door that leads to the Laboratory Steps. Do not go through yet, or the glyph will eradicate you! Return to the main entry.

6.     Go through the door on the right, entering the Dining Room. Proceed through the Kitchens and into the Ruined Pantry. Unlock the cellar door and proceed below. Open the chests in the corner and find the three skeletons.

7.     Return to the main entry, and climb the steps. Follow the passage to the left and find the locked, stuck door. Go back and enter the first door down the corridor, the Storage Room. Locate the grapple and then find the pouch of gems under the table.

8.     Return to the corridor and go to the second door. Enter the Sewing Room. Break your way through the wall into the Master Bedroom. Read the diary and deal with the night terror. Return to the corridor.

9.     Follow the footprints to Melissa's Room. Look at the bookshelves and table. Return to the corridor.

10.Go to the Attic and unlock the door. Notice the hole in the wall. Read the last journals and talk to the raven.

11. Return to Melissa's Room and look at the bookshelves. Then turn and look at the table, find the talisman.

12.Take the talisman to the Laboratory. With it there is no need to fear the glowing glyphs. Enter the summoning circle and meet with Daelwyn and Lisavetta. Listen to both sides of the story and decide which way you would turn; follow your heart!

Note: The adventure is not completely over until you walk away from the Village of Kleine. After that, you have returned to The Realm, and the sun shines down upon you proudly.



As soon as I was able to, I downloaded and played your contest entry. I cannot believe you were able to pack so much text into it. Text here, text there, everywhere you look... I especially appreciated the ability to "look" at a room's features. You might be interested to know what I played the module without reading the walkthrough, and I had no trouble understanding (and following) the plot. I think I even did a thing or two out of sequence, and it still made sense. (When I stepped back into a corridor, and saw the young girl's tracks, I didn't follow them... Instead, I went to explorer the attic, and only after getting the message from the raven did I go to the girl's room.) I've also used the characters that I saved after Assault on Raven's Ruin, and I found the module to be quite challenging. Especially since the only magical weapons were a broad sword +2 and two silver daggers. ;-)


Wanted to let you know that I downloaded R2 - Night in Daelwyn's Rest and played through it. I realize it's a contest entry, but figured I'd take a look at it anyway while I wait for you to finish Temple of Elemental Evil. I will keep this a short note so as not to keep you away from working on that for too long! (Hint, hint.)

Anyway, I thought R2 was a nicely atmospheric piece that gave my party a rather spooky time of it. The journals did a nice job of telling the story from various points of view, and I also liked the way you provided two different choices for the ending (though the big ol' demon kicked my party's butt, so I'm not sure what happens if you manage to beat it.) The only problem I had was that my party had no magic weapons, so I had to edit the Night Terror to get past it. My party might have been a little lower than the recommended levels, but it made it through relatively unscathed.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know my thoughts on R2. As always, a top-notch design!



All of the preceding modules and game worlds are trademarked property of TSR Inc, which is now the property of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. I take no credit for the stories or ideas presented here, I merely converted them to a playable format for SSI's Unlimited Adventures game.