Raethor's Prize


Your reputation precedes you, it seems, as the legendary hero Raethor sends you a missive asking that you meet him at the Keep on the Borderlands for an undertaking to make all your previous adventures pale in comparison. You spent time in the Keep early in your career, and many there are likely to recall your face, but for a hero of Raethor's stature, your deeds there were beneath notice. What could be so terrible that the mighty Raethor would request your help? The Keep on the Borderlands itself is the enemy's goal, but what is their plan?





An original Realm adventure where your party returns to the Keep on the Borderlands for another sojourn to the Caves of Chaos. You have been asked to meet a legendary adventurer and help him recover something from the evil priests of Chaos. The plot twists and turns were unexpected and refreshing. I really enjoyed the storyline. I also enjoyed the implied continuity of the storyline.

Plot Matter: 10 Artwork: 9 Hacks: 10 Text: 9

Events: 9 Originality: 10 Errors: 9

Total Rating: 94% Mycroft: 9




All of the preceding modules and game worlds are trademarked property of TSR Inc, which is now the property of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. I take no credit for the stories or ideas presented here, I merely converted them to a playable format for SSI's Unlimited Adventures game.