Dungeon Module X8
Drums on
Fire Mountain


Drums on Fire Mountain

by Grame Morris and Tom Kirby






Phil Gallagher and TSR UK Design Team





Jim Bambra and Phil Gallagher





Phil Gallagher, Paul Cockburn, Kim Daniel





Brian Williams and Paul Ruiz





Paul Ruiz








The Seafaring Merchants' Guild comes to you for help. Green-skinned humanoids set sail with unheard-of fury to slaughter crews and rob cargoes. The new leader of these normally harmless creatures is to blame, and a team of skilled adventurers could remove the threat of this new evil by going ashore on Fire Mountain during the humanoids' three-day festival of drums. Is your band the heroes that the guild seeks?

Realm Rating: 4/5



You are hired by a seafaring merchant guild to remove the leader of a primitive island tribe that has been disrupting sea trade in the area. You are given a five day time limit to complete your mission, adding a sense of urgency to the adventure.

I enjoyed this game. There is a nice combination of wilderness and dungeon encounters. The text is very descriptive and adds to the jungle atmosphere. My party could have used a few places to rest, but I understand the difficulty in keeping track of time. There are a number of puzzles, secret doors, and traps which are fun to figure out. You are offered the chance to search for traps on almost everything you find, which is a nice touch.

I continue to be amazed by the number of original monster icons and small pics in each Realm design. Most of the monsters in Fire Mountain I have never seen before.

The wooden frame set was very nice, but I wish the author had blanked out the backdrop for the 3-D window. As it was, the message 'Pine by Debbi Rapp' flashed every time I set up camp or entered a new dungeon. The new title art and the frame don't share colors 0 - 15, so pressing ESC during the title sequence messes up the text colors. A couple of fights had big pictures right before them, so I could not see the names of the characters who were taking the treasure after the fight. I subtracted one point from my rating for these technical problems.

Module Rating: 8

Review by Nol Drek



game33.zip Drums on Fire Mountain Au: Ray & Maureen

This was a fascinating adventure. My party finding the final goal was very tricky and required lots of mapping. Sable ran through 3 pencils when all is said and done. My party was hired by a sea merchant's guild to eliminate the leader of a tribal group that was pirating and murdering merchant ships plying their trade. As with all of the Realm's games, memorizing Find Traps is a must. Oh by the way, you only have 5 days to do the job or your stranded. I liked the way the design kept track and reminded you of how many days you have been on the island.

Mycroft: 9


I liked the time limit you implemented in this one. Some UA designs are too forgiving about not keeping any realistic sense of time, letting you rest for days in a demon-infested dungeon, and so on. I realize this is because the programmers of UA didn't bother to give us any easy way to keep track of time, but having a time limit does discourage one from lollygagging around. My party did manage to make it off with a day to spare, though we were starting to run low on hit points and healing spells and potions.


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