Dungeon Module X7
The War Rafts of Kron


The War Rafts of Kron

by Bruce Nesmith






Anne C. Gray




Graphic Designer:

Ruth Hoyer




Cover Artist:

Larry Elmore




Interior Artist:

Jeff Butler





Dave "Diesel" LaForce








The classic adventure theme, "Save the princess," is taken to the depths of the ocean. Why have peaceful nations gone to war against mainlanders, and what darker evil is claiming the missing crew of the sunken ships? The adventure itself is very well thought out, but the package leaves a lot more up to the DM than most published modules. This one requires several readings to understand, and a bit of paper to flesh out.

Realm Rating: 3.5/5



A good job of implementing the underwater environment. One annoying thing was that every time I went back to Suthus to rest after delving into the dungeons of Colhador, I had to sit through the same spiel and guided tour before I got to rest. I would have thought the guards would have recognized me after I had saved their city.:) But a minor annoyance was all. I thought this one was a good combination of intrigue and NPC-driven adventure and a more traditional dungeon crawl. Colhador was a VERY tough dungeon for my party, but we eventually triumphed over the forces of evil.


game 32.zip War Rafts of Kron Au: Ray & Maureen

This was a REALLY cool module. I loved the storyline. With the end of this design, I'm officially finished with the Southlands. I have really enjoyed my tour of the Realm thus far. My party was hired to rescue a Princess who has been captured by Triton pirates. Cool underwater special effects interwoven with an interesting chance to make the wrong choice makes for a really fun game.

Mycroft: 9

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