Dungeon Module X3
Curse of Xanathon



Curse of Xanathon

by Douglas Niles






Douglas Niles





Douglas Niles and Allen Hammack





Deborah Campbell Ritchie








Converting this module to UA was the most painful UA-related experience I had in the first eight years of the game's existence. For some reason, I have never run this module, and I have never been able to convince someone else to DM it so that I could play through it. Part of the flaw, I believe, is that this game revolves on political intrigue and careful investigation, but the town of Rhoona itself is provided only as a skeleton. Any investigative work on the PCs' part must be dealt with solely by the DM, with hardly any assistance from the module itself. On the upside, the game does have an interesting premise, a memorable villain, and a nice mix of exploration, melee and investigation. It just leaves way too much responsability in the hands of the person running it.

Realm Rating: 3/5



Great another one to the set for me to look at.... Keep the great work Ray your getting there. They things come to people who wait.


The Duke of Rhoona is issuing strange decrees. Is he mad or under someone's control? My party had to find out what was going on behind the throne to keep a war from breaking out. I love Ray's designs for the rich flavor he uses to bring them alive. The little nuances that make a design great, not just "okay".

Rating: Mycroft: 9

Review by Susan McKinney

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