Adventure Module X1
The Isle of Dread


The Isle of Dread

by David Cook with Tom Moldvay






Tim Kilpin





Timothy Truman








I like plot, and this one just doesn't offer a whole lot of it. However, with the right mind set this module can provide several hours of great fun. In the old days, a journey by sea to the Isle of Dread seemed like a great risk. Would you come ashore and wander into a band of cannibals, who you could easily overcome, or will you come face to face with the great thunder lizard on the cover? Each encounter is an adventure of its own, and while all put together may not tell a cohesive story, it certainly is guaranteed to be a heck of an adventure!

Realm Rating: 3.5/5



This far, 'Isle of the Dread' has been my favourite Realm game. If that sounds surprising to some who know me and my preferred style, wait for the review to find out why... Currently I'm playing 'Ravenloft' (and admittedly I am a bit stuck in it as well, I just don't want to map, which would help a lot...)


game29.zip Isle of Dread au: Ray & Maureen

The font type/color combo really hurt the eyes on this one. I had trouble mapping out the overland but that's part of the mystique of the isle. I hate fighting dinosaurs!!! This was really good rendition of the classic. I have never played this one before, so it was a new experience for me. I think I might have moiderized any gm who threw this one at me.

Your party searches for loot on a mysterious island full of danger.

Mycroft: 8



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