Adventure Module UK1
Beyond the
Crystal Cave


Beyond the Crystal Cave

by Dave J. Browne, Tom Kirby

and Graeme Morris






Tom Kirby, Carole Morris, Graeme Morris and Don Turnbull





De Leuw, Timothy Truman





Graeme Morris



Jim Bambra, Jeanette Blaaser, Clive F. Booth, Michael W. Brunton, Chris Hall, Bill Howard, Kate Kirby, Gary Kirkham, Steve Mote, Chris Rick, Dave Tant, Don Turnbull, Pat Whitehead






Arby's has made a mint off of the notion that different is good, and this module is certainly different. Not only does it bring out the leprechauns, sprites, treants, unicorns and nearly every other fantasy woodland creature in spades, but it places the all in direct opposition to the heroes in a situation where they are damned for fighting back. A little too frustrating for my taste, but a clever story that draws just enough from Shakespeare without turning into a remake of too-often read play. Not bad, but not for the bloodthirsty, either.

Realm Rating: 4/5




The son and daughter of two wealthy, feuding families have run away to a magical garden. You are offered 10,000 GP to fetch them back home. The garden is filled with faeries, dryads, and other woodland creatures.

You are given the choice of killing the woodland creatures or letting them live in peace. I finished the module without ever engaging in combat. I assume that you could also complete the adventure by leaving a trail of bloodshed, although I have not tried this.

This is a short adventure with only a couple of puzzles to solve. I finished it in under two hours. It would have made a nice entry in the "Fairy Tale" contest for the UANL.

I recommend this module as a short diversion for people seeking a change of pace from the usual hack-and-slash.

Module Rating: 8.5

Review by Nol Drek


game28.zip    Beyond the Crystal Cave    au: Ray & Maureen

This was a great conversion of a mediocre design.  I didn't like the module when I played it P&P 'all those years ago' when it was first published. It's pretty easy to do if you follow the warnings and instructions.  Your party is hired to enter a magical garden where two teenagers are believed to have fled their family's feuding (ala Romeo and Juliet).  You are to rescue the children, if possible, without desecrating the garden (a might hard task).

Mycroft:  8


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