Dungeon Modules S4 and WG4
Tsojcanth and Tharizdun


The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth

by Gary Gygax






Gary Gygax, Allen Hammack, Jon Pickens, Edward G. Sollers





Edward G. Sollers





Jim Holloway, Erol Otus, Jeff Easley, Stephen D. Sullivan





Jeff Dolphin, Luke Gygax, David Kuntz, Richard Kuntz, Sonny Savage, James M. Ward




Special Thanks To:

Rob Kuntz



The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun

by Gary Gygax






Andrea Olson-Barnes





Karen Nelson





Eric Nelson Shook





Ruth Hodges





Linda Bakk





Luke Gygax, David Kuntz, Richard Kuntz, Mike Olson, Sonny Savage




And Special Thanks To:

Robert Kuntz








When the forces of evil threaten to uncover the magicks of the long-dead archmage Iggwilv, and "political considerations" keep the Margrave of Bissel from intervening personally, your party of adventurers gets the opportunity to loot the final resting place of one of the most powerful, most notorious wizardesses of all time. Thus states the premise, and thus plays out one of the most successful dungeon crawl adventures ever published for the AD&D game. With the additional "side trek" of the Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun, the party's expedition into the Yatil Mountains at the behest of the Margrave is sure to prove as challenging as it is potentially rewarding...and memorable to say the least!

Realm Rating: 5/5




Hi Ray! :D

I know this reply is extremely late, but I'd still like to offer a heartfelt Kudos for your most recent design! :D Having DM'd "The Lost Caverns," I can still barely imagine the immense effort you must've put into the design! :)

As so many others have said and/or implied in the past, I'm astounded by your ability to not only provide superb designs, but to provide *so many* superb designs! :D

Ray, you could take the rest of the millenium off (granted, that's not much of a break anymore ;) and we'd still never be able to catch up to your accomplishments! :>

Although it seems so little to say for so much that you've done, Thank you, my friend, for everything.. :)


I particularly liked the Tharizdun section. My players required a lot of assistance to survive that section - the cloaks, incense, and rods were just unidentified treasure items to them. I liked the way the question events helped you out in the Black Cyst, but still allowed you to feel like you were solving the puzzle.

Really an excellent design. Each Realm design seems to get better than the last one.


Ray & Maureen continue a fine tradition. This conversion is a wonderful adventure. I really loved the way they combined two modules into a really cool storyline. The ability to converse with creatures and the ability to make choices really convert this P&P to a computer "role-playing" game. Your group has been sent into the mountains to find the ruins of an evil mage's lair. While traveling, you have the chance to befriend a tribe of gnomes and fight some nasty beasties. After finding the ruins and surviving, you are then sent to find the evil temple causing the humanoid raids of the gnomes.

Plot Matter: 10 Artwork: 10 Hacks: 9 Text: 10

Events: 9 Originality: 9 Errors: 9

Total Rating: 95% Mycroft Rating: 9.5


Let me also make it clear I've REALLY enjoyed your adventures. I can only shudder to think what a pain converting the Tsojcanth map to UA must have been, so kudos to your endless reserves of patience. It's obvious you have a real knack and coming from someone that's come on the bandwagon only recently it's really reassuring to see that after all these years such wonderful adventures are still available. Thank you for all of your hard work!



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