Dungeon Module S2
White Plume Mountain


White Plume Mountain

by Lawrence Schick






Lawrence Schick




Editing and Suggestions:

Mike Carr, Allen Hammack, Harold Johnson, Tim Jones, Jeff Leason, Dave Sutherland, Jean Wells





Mike Carr





Dave Sutherland, Erol Otus, Darlene Pekul








Not the most inspired creation of all time, even by the gentler standards I hold to the groundbreaking original modules, but this one is just fun, pure and simple. The premise is basic: Find the stolen magic items and return them to their owners. The dungeon stands as three short mini-adventures in the same dungeon, each revolving around another of the three items.

Realm Rating: 4/5




game24.zip White Plume Mountain Au: Ray & Maureen

This was a fun stroll down memory lane. When I first began playing AD&D, this was one of the modules, our DM threw at us. I had the pleasure of being the only person in the party able to wield Blackrazor without taking damage. Your party must retrieve 3 stolen weapon artifacts from a mage's stronghold inside a volcano. Ray, the drop command still freezes up the computer.


Mycroft Rating: 8I'm not sure I got as much out of this one as the others, but that is more to do with the fact that I am just more familiar with the original module, having read it over and DMed it, as well as playing an earlier UA conversion. But it was enjoyable nonetheless, though some of the goofiness of the module is a little wearing. I thought the discs over the volcanic pit were well-done; I was wondering how you would implement that.



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