Dungeon Module I7
Baltron's Beacon


Baltron's Beacon

by Philip Meyers






Frank Mentzer





Frank Mentzer and Barbara Deer




Cover Art:

Larry Elmore





James Roslof





David C. Sutherland III





Betty Elmore and Kim Lindau




Special Thanks:

Steve Bill








One of the rarest modules I've found; I never even realized this one existed until about three years ago when I started The Realm project. It is a very exciting adventure, with plenty of surprises. There are several interesting puzzles, and some serious rewards for working expeditiously.

Realm Rating: 4/5




game22.zip Baltron's Beacon Au: Ray and Maureen

This was a fun adventure to play after everyone in the house is asleep. HA! I really enjoyed this design. This was another one I had not played P&P before. Although the puzzles are harder to figure out as exhaustion comes into play. Your group of adventurers is hired to investigate Baltron's Beacon and perform a necessary task while in the keep. Your group will run into all sorts of nasties and baddies, deadly traps and simple (if you use your brain, annoying if you don't) puzzles. Thanks Ray for all that you have done to enliven FRUA with the Realm! Keep up the good work!

Mycroft Rating: 9



This one always seemed a little schizophrenic to me. You have the swamp with the lizard men, then you have an assault on a guarded keep, then you find yourself in these strange dungeons with lots of logic puzzles. But it was enjoyable nonetheless, even if I kept getting lost in the dungeons. I thought you did a nice job implementing some of the more outright puzzle parts, such as the sequence of seven or eight doors you have to solve.




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