Dungeon Module I6



by Tracy and Laura Hickman






Curtis Smith




Graphic Designer:

Debra Stubbe





Clyde Caldwell








The classic gothic adventure. This module was life altering to me, and it showed countless gamers that it can be fun to have the DM pull out the stops to horrify you! A somber village, perilous mountains and a haunted castle provide the backdrop for a story that is part endless love and part vampire hunt. The best of its genre; a classic proven to have lasting power.

Realm Rating: 5/5





I6: Ravenloft (game21.zip)

by Ray Dyer
What kind of monster would you be if you were condemned to an existence knowing everything you ever wanted was nearly in your grasp, and yet you 
could never attain it?  This is the tale of Count Strahd von Zarovich, lord of Barovia, father of Ravenloft.  He is the gentleman fiend, cursed for 
eternity for his transgressions, and his tale is told in Ray Dyer's conversion of the classic module I6: Ravenloft.
The design work is outstanding.  In my book, Ray deserves extra praise just for recreating Castle Ravenloft in the UA engine.  But it doesn't stop with 
the layout; the rooms are also well-detailed and terror lurks around every corner.  I was also quite impressed with the Svalich woods, which felt 
eerily inhabited and deadly.  I must say that the Village of Barovia seemed somewhat devoid of citizens and especially merchants, though everything 
important to the plot was certainly present.
Ray has made excellent use of art, music and other hacks.  You'll see high quality artwork from several sources, including SSI's Strahd's Possession, 
the black & white interior art of the original module, and full color scans of cover art from this and other Ravenloft products.  The music was 
especially well chosen; in one segment a text event tells you that an organ is playing music somewhere in the castle.  It is Strahd himself, letting you 
know that he is aware of your presence and waits for you.  Bach's Toccata begins right on cue, and it is chilling.  Another tune sounds a bit like an 
old music box, and hearing that while walking amongst the ruin of these rooms left untouched since the fateful day Strahd made his pact with the 
Dark Powers is profoundly moving.
The font has been replaced with a very ornate, gothic script which -- while perfect for the setting -- I found difficult to read.  The frame is bright 
red, the color of freshly spilled blood, and looks fantastic.  The color used for narrative text is that same color, and highlighted text, used when 
characters are speaking, is bright blue.  The bright blue against the red frame creates this ghostly, 3-D effect on the eyes that makes it seem as if 
one or the other is hovering outside your computer screen.  It was a rather interesting optical illusion that caused a bit of eye strain, but was almost 
appropriate for this module.
What really made this design enjoyable for me was the story.  Ray has a gift for using language, and his descriptive text was full of imagery, conjuring 
pictures in my mind.  The design is streamlined to keep you moving forward, and there was really only one occasion while exploring the castle that I had 
difficulty advancing the story.  But after a bit more searching I found my way to the conclusion all too soon, grateful to have survived, but secretly 
wishing there were more.
I definitely recommend this adventure. And to those of you who play it, I ask -- will you despise the fiend for what he has done, or will you find 
that you have sympathy for the devil?  The mists await you...


This is fantastic conversion of the classic p&p module. I have fond memories of running a group through this design in college. Your party is asked to come to Barovia and save the Mayor's wife. However, all is not as it seems. The author did a wonderful job converting various "nuances" of the module into FRUA. I only have a couple of technical problems. 1: You cannot drop or trade money from a pc screen. 2: I had to turn the sound off to finish the final combat with Strahd.

Plot Matter: 10 Artwork: 10 Hacks: 7

Text: 9 Events: 7 Originality: 9 Errors: 5

Total Rating: 85% Mycroft Rating: 8.5



Wow! I just played the Ravenloft adventure, one of the best yet, only one complaint :( everything was perfect but for the combination of blood patch, bluewriting, and gothic script. That combination kills the eyes. As for module itself I would have to admit that i was hooked as soon as the opening screens appeared:)


I just finished Ravenloft. While navigating through the castle was confusing at first, I eventually figured it out.

There weren't any bugs that I could find, although for a little while I was afraid those stairs might not connect to each other properly. Now I'm swamped with work, so I'm clicking on 'Send' ;-)


I played Ravenloft before I left to visit my parents for Xmas, so I can't remember too many specific comments, though overall I was very impressed. My main memories of playing through the P&P module are of the living tower with the heart at the top, which terrified me at the time (I was probably 12 years old.) I thought you did a good job with the Gothic atmosphere of the adventure, and I can't remember any bugs or typoes at this point. I also liked that you included the random element to the adventure, with the placement of the various items.



All of the preceding modules and game worlds are trademarked property of TSR Inc, which is now the property of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. I take no credit for the stories or ideas presented here, I merely converted them to a playable format for SSI's Unlimited Adventures game.