Dungeon Modules I2
Tomb of the Lizard King


Tomb of the Lizard King

by Mark Acres






Michael Williams








One of the all-time coolest dungeons ever created, the Tomb of the Lizard King opens up new layers of challenge every time it seems that success is almost at hand. This adventure is stylishly done, and it pits heroes against one of the most distinct and memorable villains of the first or any edition of the AD&D game. A true classic in every sense of the term--a ground-breaking work of dungeon-delving art!

Realm Rating: 5/5





game20.zip Tomb of the Lizard King Au: Ray & Maureen

A very deadly but cool module. Note to others who may follow: Memorize LOTS of find traps. I had not played this game before. It was a lot of fun. The little side notes and npc interaction bring the design alive. Your party is sent to find out what happened to the village of wavcombe. Legends of a dead lizard king rising again abound! No glitches, spelling errors or grammatical booboos.

Mycroft Rating: 8



I think this was my favorite of the last five. It took me the longest, and I really enjoyed the combination of wilderness and dungeon adventuring. Though I kept falling into acid pools and getting mauled by wights.

Your game is still great! I waited eagerly for the lizard king, and I am glad you finished it!



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