Adventure Module GA3
Tales of Enchantment


by Jim Musser






Anne Gray McCready




Cover Illustration:

Glen Orbik




Interior Illustrations:

Ken and Charles Frank





John Knecht





Tim Coumbe








Just as its cousin in the GA-Series, Swamplight, Tales of Enchantment provides the DM with an interesting story and a skeleton of an adventure. The DM must work hard to create an atmosphere for the forest and to reveal the mystery in all its parts. A fun adventure to play, but not a light burden on the DM.

Realm Rating: 3/5



Dawn and Foy, Around the Realm:

Game19 by Ray Dyer

GA3 - Tales of Enchantment


In this module the party is recruited by a worried father to track down and bring home his errant son. There is actually a lot more to the plot but that is all you know about at the beginning.

This game is very big and very well done. It is possible to finish it quickly but it is much more fun to search every corner and stretch it out so you can catch all the little surprises that Ray has in store for you.

Things I liked:

* The story is well developed and I think Ray translated it well into UA.

* The map from the father is much easier to read and use than other maps Ray has done

* The "dungeons" were well done, the forest "walls" are practically seemless and unlike some of the other Realms games it is never difficult to tell where the path is.

* Multiple endings depending on what you do during the adventure

* There were a couple of really challenging combats that were fun. I especially liked the kobold battle.

* The frame, font and music set were good and seemed appropriate

Things I disliked:

* I think there is some sort of bug in the ending. I didn't encounter it but my wife finished the module properly and was shut out by the father, as if the son were lost. I'm not sure why. The end sequence gave her the maximum award.

* Not being able to return to town after <spoiler deleted>. I mean, really, if he doesn't want to go to town then walk me back to his place! I needed a place to rest!

Wow, I just can't think of anything else. This was a really great adventure and even the omni-present "repeating text" problem didn't rear its ugly head too often. The fact that I was completely lost most of the time shouldn't be counted against the game. :-)

We give this game two thumbs up! Nice work Ray! For our next adventure we decided to go back east and tackle Game 11, The Lost Tower of Castanamir.




I also played Tales of Enchantment, but since it's been a month or so since I finished it, I can't remember any specific comments beyond the generally positive. Considering how complex a plot you had to deal with I thought it was amazing that it seemed almost entirely bug-free!


Game19.zip GA3, Tales of Enchantment Maureen & Ray

A really nice adventure. I had not heard of this module until now. I really liked the overall storyline and the many random encounters. Ray & Maureen again show the epitome of fantastic ua designs. You are hired to find a rich man's son who is lost in the "spooky" woods nearby. The plot weaves and twists from that point.

Plot Matter 9 Artwork 10 Hacks: 10 Text: 10

Events: 9 Originality: 9 Errors: 9 Difficulty: 5

Total Rating: 95% Mycroft: 9.5



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