Adventure Module GA2


by Jean Rabe






Lance Kandler




Cover Illustrations:

Paul Jaquays




Interior Illustrations:

Terry Dykstra





John Knecht





Angelika Lokotz








Few modules leave so much work for the DM when it comes to setting the atmosphere and developing encounters. Swamplight provides a skeleton of an adventure, complete with plot, villains and major enemies. From that skeleton, it is the DM's job to create the presence of the swamp, to add flavor and varied encounters that will keep the PCs jumping between the major events.

Realm Rating: 2.5/5




game18.zip Swamplight Au: Ray & Maureen

You'll never believe it but I finally got to play this design all the way through without my machine freezing up. YEAH!!!! My party finally finished their Eastlands tour by bringing a missing statue back to the village. Their patron deity's statue had been stolen and we had to track down the foul miscreants and retrieve. Interesting interaction with various swamp creatures makes for a thinking person's game. Don't pick the obvious choices.

Mycroft: 9


I finished Aerie of the Slave Lords and Swamplight yesterday. :-) I thought they were both great, in their own ways…


As for Swamplight, I didn't find any bugs. ;-D Everything worked out fine. Except maybe those Fog Giants. Damn, they're tough. :-P

Looking back, I think it could have helped if you had used dungeon modules instead of the overland map to get to all the encounters, the same way you did in Keep on the Borderlands. Oh, well. I'm not really complaining, and hindsight is 20/20.

Thanks again


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