Dungeon Modules G1-3

Against the Giants




Against the Giants

by Gary Gygax






Gary Gygax





Mike Carr, Timothy Jones, Jon Pickens, Lawrence Schick





David C. Sutherland III & David A. Trampier, Jeff Dee, David S. LaForce, Erol Otis, Bill Willingham










What a great idea.  One of the Dungeons and Dragons game’s hallmark traits is its use of elemental creatures, from the chromatic dragons to the various elementals themselves, to the giants that call on traits of stone, fire, frost and cloud.  And here we got our first dose of what it was like to journey into the lairs of these creatures.  From the hill giant chief, where our warriors might be able to stand toe to toe, to the mighty fire giant king, where our greatest warrior barely stands at the enemy’s toe!

The best aspect of this series of adventures is the clever use of the search.  So, even though we are simply kicking down doors and killing giants (and the giants’ allies, of course), we are ever seeking out the trail to the next set of doors and the giants behind them.  This was the archetype for any number of games, and it accurately describes the plot of most first-person shooter games that are so popular these days.  This game has proven its lasting value, and is fun to return to every few years to see that some stones never lose their luster.

Realm Rating:4.5/5



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