Tournament Adventure C3
The Lost
Tower of Castanamir


by Ken Rolston






Marlene Weigel




Graphic Designer:

Elizabeth Riedel





Jeff Easley













A unique dungeon crawl, this adventure leaves practically any band of PCs with a proper appreciation for an arch-mage's superior intelligence. A dungeon that requires memory, thought, and a good deal of swordplay, Castanamir's tower will leave you happy to see sunlight when it finally lets you go.

Realm Rating: 4.5/5


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Hi Folks,

I'm playing a lot this week, aren't I? :)

game11.zip The Lost Tower of Castanamir

A fun little module that must have been very frustrating for players of p&p games. I really think Ray does a great job of bringing the design to life. I have quite a few questions that could be answered by the dm. They are not important to the adventure but I'm hoping the answers were contained in the paper version, so Ray can answer them for me. What was unusual about the crow? Who was the mage in the egg? What did the poor servants die of? Were the creatures trapped after trying to loot the place? What really happened to Castanamir? I had a major problem with one of the hacked items when I transferred to Horror on the Hill. An item for mages, I'm sorry I can't remember which one, turned into a cursed dragonslayer that gave the character a -101 armor class. I was able to remove the curse and drop the item. The item worked in this adventure, so I'm only slightly affecting the errors score.

Plot Matter: 9 Artwork: 9 Hacks: 9 Text: 9

Events: 9 Originality: 9 Errors: 8 Difficulty: 5

Total Rating: 89% Mycroft Rating: 9



The Lost Tower of Castanamir was quite a different design than Keep. While in Keep you fight several hundred humanoids, the Lost Tower features far fewer enemies. I considered this a good thing, a change of pace between designs. The game has many strange areas to explore, and the tower itself is quite strange.

I enjoyed this design a lot, though it became frustrating when I couldn't figure out where to go. The entrance to the second floor was hard enough to find, and getting off that floor took me forever. Actually, I cheated at the end by reading the adventurers' journals on the Realm home page. While playing, I had hoped to be able to get the fourty gems to pay off Castanamir's servant; I only managed thirty-three, including my haul from Keep. But I liked how the creature would identify my items, and I found it's knowledge useful in determining my NPC companion's identity. The design would have been more fun if I didn't have to keep pressing return each time I changed rooms, or when I approached the servant's fountain. To move across that room would take 10 or so 'enter' presses each time! I would have liked it better if the first three or so text statements were 'do only once.' I appreciated that Castanamir's bookcase events stopped firing once I took the books.


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