Dungeon Module C2
The Ghost Tower of


by Allen Hammack






Stephen D. Sullivan





Evan Robinson





Allen Hammack, Frank Mentzer, Paul Reiche III, Evan Robinson





Allen Hammack, Harold Johnson, Frank Mentzer, Lawrence Schick, Stephen D. Sullivan





Jeff Dee, David S. LaForce, Jim Roslof, Erol Otus, David C. Sutherland III, Bill Willingham





John Baillie, Mike Carr, David Conant, David Cook, Helen Cook, Harold Johnson, Jeff Leason, Erol Otus, Lawrence Schick, Jean Wells








A classic. In the first half, the challenges are divided fairly well between a rather simple puzzle and combat with a widely varied assortment of monsters. It is interesting that some of the more obscure monsters from the original Monster Manual can not only be used, but used well. The Tower of Inverness is a treat for players and DMs alike.

Realm Rating: 5/5



A Review of "The Ghost Tower of Inverness" (game10.zip) by Ray Dyer

Rating -- 6.5

 Another in the ongoing series of conversions from classic pen-and-paper modules for D&D and AD&D, C2: The Ghost Tower of Inverness is a brief but fun dungeon crawl through a ruined keep, in search of an ancient magical artifact, the "Soul Gem." (All right, so it's not the most original plot in the world, but it was written in the 1980s, so give them a break.) Once again, Ray does a good job in transferring the feel of a live gaming session to UA. Over the course of his coversions, he's developed quite a repertoire of tricks and techniques that work to capture that Dorito-munchin' feel of a late-night gaming session. If I wanted to write a design that harks back to the classic days of AD&D (which I may actually do one of these days) the Realm games would be an excellent source of inspiration and guidance.

In regards to Inverness specifically, the design is fairly brief. I completed it in a couple of hours. In general, I prefer the longer designs in the Realm, such as The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan, or The Lost City, but a short dungeon crawl can be a nice diversion too. My major complaint was that much of the dungeon seemed pretty empty, though I guess we have to blame the original writers of the module for that. A few combats, a few treasures, and that was about it. I was hoping for some more to do, but oh, well. It was still fun.

--Chris Markwyn


Game10.zip C2, The Ghost Tower of Inverness Ray & Maureen

This was a fun bit of nostalgia for me. This p&p module was my first attempt at DM'ing. I had a lot of fun. I am continually amazed at the new level Ray & Maureen take designs. Keep up the fantastic work! You are blackmailed into investigating a set of ruins and finding the artifact legend say is hidden there. A wacky dungeon design, weird creatures and tricks galore make this a wonderful adventure.

Plot Matter: 9 Artwork: 10 Hacks: 9 Text: 10

Events: 9 Originality: 9 Errors: 9 Difficulty: 5

Total Rating: 94%

Mycroft: 9.5



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