A Recommended Order of Playing To Start in The Eastlands
(Average Total XP- 160,000):

Game Number


Suggested Level

Campaign Level

Game 00,


(Level 1)


Game R10,

R10, A Series of Mysterious Events

(Level 1)


Game 05,

B6, The Veiled Society

(Levels 1-3)


Game 02,

B2, Keep on the Borderlands

(Levels 1-3)


Game 11,

C3, Lost Tower of Castanamir

(Levels 3-5)


Game 34,

B5, Horror on the Hill

(Levels 3-5)


Game 01,

A1-4, Aerie of the Slavelords

(Levels 6-8)


Game 09,

C1, Hidden Shrine of Tomoachan

(Levels 6-8)


From the Northlands:




Game 28,

UK1, Beyond the Crystal Cave

(Levels 4-7)


Game 31,

X3, Curse of Xanathon

(Levels 4-7)


Game 30,

X2, Castle Amber

(Levels 5-8)


Return to the Eastlands:




Game R1,

R1, Raethor's Prize

(Levels 7-9)


Game 18,

GA2, Swamplight

(Levels 7-9)



A suggested order for playing the games of The Realm.

Each row offers the game number, its title, the suggested level of the adventure, and the level your characters should average at that point if you play the campaign in this order.





In introduction, you make your characters and save them as the base *.cch files you will use throughout your time in The Realm. Introduction also provides a background and explains the history of the conglomerate world of The Realm. In The Realm you will find pieces of the Forgotten Realms, the world of Greyhawk, the D&D world of Mystara, and, if you're not careful, even a piece of Ravenloft.

Now updated to include nine mini-adventures!




A1-4 Aerie of the Slave Lords

A favorite of DungeonMasters and players alike, this four module series combines into an epic campaign against the most villainous strain of humanity imaginable, slave traders. Much of the art from the original modules came from Nol Drek's earlier conversion, but every dungeon within is a new creation dedicated to a loyal transition from pen and paper to UA. Playable by characters of levels 6-8.




B2 The Keep on the Borderlands

Possibly the module most often converted to UA, the Realm would not be complete without a version of B2 that is loyal to its item and PC icon files. In this classic adventure, your PCs journey to the last bastion of civilization and aid the stalwart men and women there in their efforts at protecting civilization from a motley assortment of organized humanoids, but what could be so powerful as to keep these monsters in line? Playable by characters of levels 1-5.



B6 The Veiled Society

One of my all time least favorite modules, the Veiled Society came to life as I turned it into a UA design. Your PCs enter the city of Specularum during the Festival of Lucor, and soon find themselves in a murder mystery, big city intrigue, and the birth of a revolution. Playable by beginning characters, levels 1-3.






C1 The Hidden Shrine of Tomoachan

Linked to the end of Aerie of the Slave Lords, or playable as a stand alone adventure, your band of PCs are shipwrecked on an uncharted island. There, they quite literally stumble upon a shrine devoted to a long forgotten deity. Time is of the essence as the party battles against noxious fumes and the denizens of the shrine to escape to the island, and eventually back to The Realm. Playable by characters of levels 6-8.




C3 The Lost Tower of Castanamir

Remember gingwatzim? Whatever the answer, guide your band of PCs as they discover the otherworldly creatures and the numerous other traps and tricks of Castanamir's long lost tower. Playable by characters of levels 3-5.




GA2 Swamplight

Fraught with some o the deadliest melee currently available for The Realm, your PCs travel to the wealthy tribal community of Chala after word reaches you of troubles there that could plague the entire Realm. Your investigations point deep into Blackweed Swamp, the northernmost area of what the southerners call the Vast Swamp. Characters of levels 7-9 may attempt this deadly adventure.




X2 Castle Amber

You awaken before a haunted chateau, and before you can make your way back to The Realm, you must find some way to break the curse over its inhabitants.  This place is haunted, cursed, and plagued with a dastardly assortment of fell denizens.  Rest is hard to come by, and friends are few and far between.  Before you make your way home, you will travel far from all that is familiar, but you have no choice once you awaken on the foyer of Castle Amber!

 Playable by characters of levels 4-6.





X3 Curse of Xanathon

The town of Rhoona is ready to self-destruct! The only question is, has the duke gone mad or is there something far darker afoot. Save the Northlands from war most dreadful and bloody! Playable by characters of levels 5-7.




UK1 Beyond the Crystal Cave

Two young lovers have eloped into a magical garden. Will you agree to go looking for them, even if it means to vow not to damage anything, or anyone, within the garden itself? Characters of levels 4-7 may attempt this perilous adventure.





B5 Horror on the Hill

One of my personal favorite adventures, Horror on the Hill takes your characters to an island on the mighty River Shrill. The men of nearby Guidio's Fort fear the hobgoblin raids, but something much more fearsome calls the Hill its home. Guidio's Fort was designed for a party of levels 1-3, but this is a deadly adventure and should be undertaken only by doughty adventurers of levels 3-5.





Raethor's Prize

The first Realm-original adventure. Your party is called back to the Keep on the Borderlands by the legendary adventurer Raethor...but what could be so terrible in the Eastlands that such a powerful warrior would need your assistance? Designed for characters of levels 7-9.



A Series of Mysterious Events

You have been sent to a village on a mission of questionable importance during a time when serious questions plague the kingdom.  Will you be able to find the object of your search, and if you do, will it have any bearing on what has faces turning paler in Court every day?  Or will the mysteries surrounding you prove too layered and complex to be resolved? Playable by characters of first level.




All of the preceding modules and game worlds are trademarked property of TSR Inc, which is now the property of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. I take no credit for the stories or ideas presented here, I merely converted them to a playable format for SSI's Unlimited Adventures game.