A Recommended Order of Playing

Game Number


Suggested Level

From the Northlands:



Game 16,

FRQ2, Dragonspear Castle

(Levels 10-12)

Game 36,

REF5, The Dread Lair of Alokkair

(Levels 11-13)

Game R3,

Early Winter, Fires of Spring

(Levels 12-14)

From the Eastlands:



Game 37,

Dungeon! A Board Game

(Levels 12-15)

Game 14,

CM8, Endless Stair

(Levels 10-14)

From the Westlands:



Game 13,

CM2, Death's Ride

(Levels 12-14)

Game 38,

H1-3, Bloodstone Wars

(Levels 14-16)

From the Southlands:



Game 15,

FA2, Nightmare Keep

(Levels 16-18)

From the Northlands:



Game 17,

G1-3, Against the Giants

(Levels 18+)

Game 23,

S1, Tomb of Horrors

(Levels 10-14)


A suggested order for playing the games of The Realm.

Each row offers the game number, its title, the suggested level of the adventure, and the level your characters should average at that point if you play the campaign in this order.




Game 13
Death’s Ride

The barony of Two-Lakes Vale has fallen utterly silent.  Take up the call from the King of Norwald and investigate the troubles taking place there.  A dark cloud, a ruined castle, and an unholy union intent on bringing the Realm to its knees all guarantee high adventure and rich rewards! Playable by characters of levels 12-14.




Game 14
The Endless Stair

Sometimes just spending the night at a reputable inn can lead to an adventure with Realm-altering consequences.  A stop at Daelzun’s Rest involves you in a murder, and then into an investigation involving a long-dead wizard whose property might just be at the center of some warring archmagi.  Playable by characters of levels 10-14.



Game 15
Nighmare Keep

The King of Cormyr himself has asked for your aid.  A new creature threatens to darken the skies of the Realms, and if the evil is not stopped soon, all nations may face an overwhelming force.  But this is no natural thing that has been discovered.  It is a thing of darkest evil, never intended by Nature.  And the villain responsible for the creation of them is one of the worst you’ll face, even considering your long and illustrious career!  Playable by characters of levels 16-18.




Game 16
FRQ2 Hordes of Dragonspear

A ride through the Northlands turns up numerous deserted farms, but there is no sign of foul play.  What has caused so many good folk to abandon their homes and retreat into the city of Daggerford?  Is this proof that the rumors of armies amassing south of the Way Inn are true? Playable by characters of levels 10-12.




Game 17
Against the Giants

Giants are raiding towns, villages and even the cities of the civilized world!  Worse, an unholy alliance pits hill giants with their usual rivals among the frost and stone giants.  And rumors purport that worse things have been spotted aiding in the attacks.  An army of giants could level entire nations, and the royal lords of those nations are getting nervous.  Do you have what it takes to strike to the heart of this conspiracy?  Playable by characters of levels 18 and higher.




Game 23
Tomb of Horrors

For centuries, adventurers have sought out the evil of Acererak’s tomb.  Long ago, the dread wizard was a lich.  It is rumored that he has since become something far worse.  The answer lies in his tomb, known to be filled with traps and guardians and other perils unimaginable.  Countless hundreds have spent their lives preparing for this tomb only to fail when they discovered its distant gates.  What will be your fate?  Playable by characters of levels 10-14.




Game 36
REF5 Lords of Darkness


The farmers outside of Fox Ridge are very concerned.  Frequent raids from local humanoids have given them reason to fear walking their own fields, but now an adventurer has roused concern that an ancient horror from the long-lost domain of Hlontar plagues the region.  Can you lay their fears to rest? Playable by characters of levels 11-13.





Game 37
DUNGEON! A Board Game

A classic board game, now converted for your Realm campaigning pleasure. Enter into the dungeon of the Mad Mage and see if you will be the first to walk away with his prize treasures. Or will you walk away empty-handed like so many others? Playable by characters of levels 12-14.




Game 38
The Bloodstone Wars

War has ravaged the broken kingdom of Damara.  If the warring dukes do not bring utter ruin to their once-great nation, then the Witch-King of Vaasa certainly will.  And into this you travel, facing brutal wolf winters and the grasping hands of infernal agents that will change the scope of the war into something inconceivable when first the plea for help reaches your ears!  Playable by characters of levels 16-18.




Early Winter, Fires of Spring

Your expedition into the northlands comes to an abrupt halt when you come to a village beset by winter three months early. Even in the Northlands, such weather is unheard of. Soon, you find yourself on a race again time as a dark god seeks entry into The Realm! Playable by characters of levels 10-14.



All of the preceding modules and game worlds are trademarked property of TSR Inc, which is now the property of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. I take no credit for the stories or ideas presented here, I merely converted them to a playable format for SSI's Unlimited Adventures game.