A Campaign Playable with FRUA Straight from the Box


Create your own party or begin play with six pre-made characters.  Strike out on your own for excitement and glory!  It’s an old premise, but a new series of adventures.  The first six were entries in UA Newsletter contests, each made to continue the adventure from the previous episode.  See your group of six friends grow together into true legends of the Far West Realm.  Explore dungeons, wilderness locales, and even other worlds.  It is a time for adventure, a time for magic, and a time for heroes to rise out of humble beginnings into the books of history.



Adventure One:

The Mystery of the Greylorne

Adventure Two:

“To thee, I bequeath…”

Adventure Three:

 Iron, Mine

Adventure Four:

Grimm Tales

Adventure Five:

Tower of the Mad Hierophant

Adventure Six:

Catacombs of the Old One

Adventure Seven:

The Long Journey Home

Adventure Eight:


Adventure Nine:

Brother’s Keeper






Adventure One: The Mystery of the Greylorne


After more than a century of slumber, the dread necromancer Paetrus has risen once again to plague the Far West.  As he did generations ago, the vile wizard has crafted his army from the rotting ancestors of the very people he seeks to conquer.  In desperation, the village councils east of the River Cholash have reached out to the city in hopes of finding some heroes who might deliver them from a fate far worse than death.


An adventure for first-level characters.







Adventure Two: “To thee, I bequeath…”


Hoping to capitalize on your success against Paetrus the Necromancer, your band of heroes traveled the villages east of the River Cholash for several years.  Fame and glory proved elusive, however.  While the villagers were thankful for your help, the rewards shrank to match the drudgery of the work.  Finally exhausted with digging your way through goblin warrens and the dens of ravenous beasts, you turn your eye towards home.  As fate would have it, events were taking place at just that moment that would secure your place in the history books.


An adventure for second-level characters.







Adventure Three: Iron, Mine


Just as you decided that fame and glory weren’t everything you expected them to be, something came along to bring you back into the public eye.  Now, a northern duke has requested you come north and investigate a haunting in a mineshaft he has recently ordered open.  As the heroes who vanquished Paetrus the Necromancer, you seem eminently qualified to find the dark spirits threatening to close this vital supply of iron, and to once again bring the region back from the brink of tragedy.


An adventure for second-level characters.





Adventure Four: Grimm Tales


You are guaranteed a place in history, but the aftermath of your efforts in Salandresch will be spoken of for many years to come.  You must journey home through a series of chaotic scenarios unlike anything you have seen before.  The folklore of another world has become your vivid reality, but why?  And what can you possibly do to return things back to normal?


An adventure for third and fourth-level characters.





Adventure Five: Tower of the Mad Hierophant


Notoriety has its privileges, but it can also be exhausting.  For months you were the center of attention for every selfish, spiteful or even menial task.  From desperate widows to philandering nobles, you have been asked to perform nearly any task imaginable, and some you had never considered.  So, when High  Patriarch du’Mille asked you to leave the city and recover a holy relic, it seemed like the best possible request to reach your ears.  Weeks later, though, as you wandered through the wilderness hungry and lost, you began to recall your earlier experiences east of the River Cholash.


An adventure for fourth-level characters.





Adventure Six: Catacombs of the Old One


You survived another expedition into the wilds of the Far West Realm only to find once again that the most bizarre adventures begin at home.  Without warning or explanation, a wild-eyed wizard pointed you out in a crowded street, invoking powerful magicks against you!  When your vision cleared, you stood at the edge of a grassy field, gazing at a sprawling, ruined castle on a nearby hillside.  Out of the ruins gallop armored men on horseback, intent on carrying out the wizard’s pronounced sentence for you, a sentence of death!


An adventure for fifth and sixth-level characters.





Adventure Seven: The Long Journey Home


You have defeated the minions of the Old One and forced them to send you home.  But while you have returned to the Far West Realm, you are far from the city where your father lives.  The mists of the spirit naga’s spell part over a humid marsh, and the wilderness beyond.  There are places in society where evil men are sent.  The forces of Chaos also has such a place for their enemies, and you must now cut your way free of it!


An adventure for sixth-level characters.







Adventure Eight: War


Years passed while you were in the Grey Realm, and in that time the Far West has been besieged by the wizard who banished you!  The mightiest wizards and priests were overcome by the infernal forces of the Old One, and even the most powerful generals failed in the face of a bugbear and giant onslaught, aided by demonic forces.  Now the kingdom has fallen, and the Seer has seen that you somehow hold the key to the future.  On the wings of a silver dragon you return home to make sense of a world gone terribly awry.


An adventure for sixth and seventh-level characters.





Adventure Nine: Brother’s Keeper


Your course is clear!  With allies among the rebels who still stand against the tyranny that has befallen your home west of the Great River, you must infiltrate the castle once deemed unassailable.  But the forces of evil took it once, and now you must take it back!  Find a store of powerful weapons the king kept from the hands of even his most trusted agents, and wield them against the true threat that now dominates the Far West Realm!


An adventure for eighth and ninth-level characters.